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Of science but above all of green sports knowledge

A special thankyou to all the groundsman in the UK, France and other countries where this profession is seen as a successful opportunity for sport clubs.

Hello everyone, my name is Giovanni administrator of our association GrassMed (Groundsman Association Mediterranean). We have recently noticed a significant flow of new participants in our group mostly from England but also French and Spanish. This is important for us to help Italians and other Mediterranean countries understand the importance of your work on sport fields.

I am sure that each of you has their own personal reason for doing this job, even if this profession has a common denominator in my opinion (the players safety and performance).

We at Grassmed would be happy to share any cultural evolutions with all of you, following the guidelines from those who have a lot of experience in this sector. In this way we can pass the knowledge to our aspiring Italian groundsman. In Italy we are still waiting recognition from our institutions and federations who seem to be little interested in this topic, or at least that’s want they want us to believe. We all know that a culture of grass sports would necessitate a large product sector, made up of specialized and professional companies each with its own service and product. All important to make sport fields more and more practicable in favour of a healthier environment.

For this reason, I want to thank you all for joining us and helping to increase this professional figure in the Mediterranean area.

I hope we will have the opportunity to exchange our know-how about the different methods, varieties of diseases, which our different climates tolerate and that each of us has experienced in the warm and cold seasons.

Perhaps in the future arranging experiences directly on the sports field to share and understand each other’s experiences.

Welcome on board…

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